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All Your Vision Needs at One Place

As your Aurora Optometrist, Eye Envy Vision offers you the full scope optometry and optical need. We provide comprehensive eye care, health screenings, diagnosis, treatment and management of eye diseases, and ocular supplements. Currently all services are provided in office.  Telehealth services will be available in the near future

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Broader than a basic eye exam, the comprehensive exam is a complete evaluation of the function of your visual system and ocular health. At Eye Envy Vision, feel confident that we understand your vision and will help you understand it too.

Contact Lens Exams, Fitting, and Evaluations

Matching you to the best contact lenses for your needs is important. Eye Envy Vision offers fittings and tests designed to help you find the best lens fit and options based on your lifestyle. We will spend  the time to educate you on the options that best suit your vision.

Glaucoma Evaluations, Treatment, and Management

Early detection of glaucoma is vital in treatment and management. Eye Envy Vision has a team of optometrists who are trained to screen, detect, treat, and manage glaucoma. While there isn’t a cure for glaucoma, detecting it early can slow down the damage to your eye’s optic nerve and delay or prevent vision loss.

Diabetic Eye Exams and Management

Eye Envy Vision puts your needs first and strives to inform you of your eye care options in your diabetic eye exam.  If you are a diabetic we recommend an annual or biannual eye exam to assess for any changes related to your diabetes. If not property managed, there is an increased risk of developing cataracts, glaucoma,  diabetic retinopathy.

High-Risk Medication Ocular Exams and Management

At Eye Envy Vision we understand the effects that certain medications can have on your vision and ocular health.  We take care in assuring that we are performing the proper testing and evaluations that will keep you safe from potentially harmful medications needed to improve your systemic health and lifestyle.

Cataract Evaluations and Post Op Co-Management

Cataracts evaluations include a comprehensive evaluation to determine if cataracts are the exact cause of your visual symptoms. Some of these symptoms can include blurry vision, glare with lights, difficulty seeing at night, and changes in your color vision.  We will determine if you are ready for cataract surgery and refer you to an ophthalmologist to take care of your surgical needs.  You also have the option to allow us to co-manage with the surgeon so that we can administer your post-operative care.

LASIK Evaluations and Post Op Co-Management

Are you considering or have experienced LASIK? If you are considering it, our doctors will discuss your medical history with you, perform a comprehensive eye exam, and review your eyewear prescription to assess if you are a good candidate. It is imperative for you to be completely informed and able to make an educated decision on if refractive surgery is the right option for you.

If you have already experienced LASIK and aren’t sure what comes next, we will guide you through the post-op management and provide you with comprehensive eye exams after your procedure.

Dry Eye Evaluations, Treatment, and Management

Dry Eye is an ocular surface disease that has various symptoms and effects on your vision and quality of life.  Because there are different types of dry eyes and the symptoms can vary from mild to severe, it is important to be properly evaluated to determine the best treatment option for your needs.  Eye Envy Vision makes it our priority to evaluate and treat dry eyes according to the best options available for our patients.

Ocular Foreign Body Removal

Our Optometrist at Eye Envy Vision are experts at removing all types of superficial foreign bodies from the ocular surface. We use intricate tools to help remove metals from welding, debris, wood chips, insects, eyelashes, and other foreign objects.

Amniotic Membrane Application and Management

At Eye Envy Vision it is important that we provide the best state of the art care for our patients. Amniotic membranes have rejuvenating stem cells that are used to treat certain ocular surface diseases and conditions such as: ulcers, abrasion, inflammation, dry eyes, eye infections, and chemical and thermal burns. Amniotic Membranes are one of the best and latest technologies to teach these conditions and many more.

Myopia Management

Myopia management can assist in slowing the progression of nearsightedness in children so that their prescription does not drastically increase as they grow. This has become a critical treatment option for children with nearsightedness. As your child grows, there is a risk that their myopia will become worse, putting them at risk for serious ocular disease. Our Optometrists take care concerning the vision of your children’s myopia by offering several treatment and management options. Treatment options can include contact lenses and eye drops.

Our Technology

We offer the latest ophthalmic technology to assist in the diagnosis of ocular diseases, as well as state of the art therapeutic care. Our diagnostic equipment includes:

Our Optical Services

Our optical services include fashionable and affordable eyewear, sunglasses, eyeglass accessories, and contact lenses. We offer products that allow our patients and customers to utilize the best of their insurance benefits and help to minimize their out of pocket cost. We also have cost effective products for self pay patients and customers.

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